Monday, November 16, 2009

Brain Trust: Who reads this stuff?

Behold, Jailbait Zombie, which showed up in my mail last week. I get a shipment of these mysteries/thrillers/true crime books once a month, and I usually put them right into the "donation" bin.

But this one caught my eye. First, the title: Jailbait Zombie. Then, the tag line: "She's young, she's hot, she's trouble...and she'd dying to get bitten." Um, what?

My question to you is: Who reads this stuff? There's got to be an audience if these books keep showing up in my mail and on bookstore shelves. I'm not judging, either, if you do read these kinds of books. I've written twice about the interworkings of the romance novel industry (Sarah Wendell, my go-to-gal on all things romance publishing, said this book is not romance, not even paranormal or erotic. Yes, I asked her).


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