Monday, June 29, 2009

Nora, Nora, Nora

If you've read this site, you know I have a special love for Nora Roberts. Is she a romance novelist? Yes. Are you books sometimes hokey/predictable/sigh worthy? Always. But they are delight to read when I need a mental break.

Roberts got the New Yorker treatment in the June 22 issue. And Sarah Wendell, co-author of book 12 of 52 and all things romance novel got a nice shout out as well.

Well done, ladies! I've been typing away at a romance novel myself. Why not? I like reading the genre. I used to write fiction. So I'm giving it a go. Whether it amounts to anything is another story. I dutifully put away 2,000 words a day for a bit, but I'm lagging because of work and boyfriend. Hopefully this article will inspire me to get back at it.

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