Friday, June 26, 2009

Book 51 of 52: Personal Assets

Wowza. I think my cheeks are still burning after this one.

I picked up a way discounted copy of Personal Assetsby Emma Holly, I don't know where. I do know that I recognized the name from Book 12 of 52 as one of the authors that one of the authors enjoyed. For $4? Why not.

What I forgot, though, was that Holly writes a specific kind of romance novel. In fact, some wouldn't even call it a romance novel. It's erotic fiction. I imagined if someone filmed it, it would be classified as pornography hence why my cheeks are still burning.

But it's not a bad book. It has very good plot structure, suspense, and strong characters. Otherwise, I wouldn't have kept on after realizing that "erotic fiction" was written on the cover. The story's about two best friends, both caught up in the fashion retail world, and how said best friends find the loves of their lives. The difference between erotic fiction and romance? In this case, the characters like to get it on a lot, sometimes with strangers, sometimes in trios. Not for the faint of heart, though the cover of this one is probably one of the more tame from Holly's titles (thank goodness because I had the book in my bag yesterday when I went to my mom's house).

Am I really at book 51 of 52?

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