Sunday, May 24, 2009

Book 44 of 52: The Divorce Party

The Divorce Partyby Laura Dave is about unraveling relationship -- the title's an indicator of that. But it's not just about one couple. Instead, three relationships are stressed in this book, which takes place in one day -- the day of a divorce party, which is mean to celebrate a marriage ending like a wedding celebrates a marriage beginning.

It's an OK novel. The split narrator perspective, which alternates between the main character, Gwyn, and her son's finance, Maggie, both adds perspective and mystery. It allows Dave to write the story from two points of view, but also keep some information, which is assumed by the other character, shrouded.

But it's just OK -- not a work of fiction that kept me anchored to my chair, but not a bad way to pass some reading time.

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