Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buying Books

I love reading. Love it in so many ways that I feel at a loss when I don't have a book with me. But for the last few weeks, I've felt like I have nothing to read.

This is not the actual case -- publishers send me a lot of books they hope I will read. Most of the titles I review on this blog are sent to me directly from publishers. I've started in on a few books that seemed interesting but, after the first 30 pages, were a bore. Even the last book on this book a week series didn't spark anything in me, but I was on a train with nothing else to do, so I read it.

Last night, I went to Barnes and Noble. My goal was to wander the store and pick something. Still, after a half hour, I left empty handed. I spent another half hour going through the titles on my shelves, and still nothing.

As readers, do you ever get like this? I'm surprised. I can't remember a time when it's happened before. My solution has been, so far, to read magazines, but they don't usually supply the same experience a book can. And I'm worried about this un-readerly thing since I'm going to Key West in a few weeks and planned to bring a stack of books to read on the plane and by the pool. What if I find nothing of interest? What will I do then? Nap?

This morning, I put a big order in at bn.com, a mix of books I've heard others rave about, one that I read about in the Washington Post. I'm worried that I'm back in the position I was when I started this book blog -- that I won't read something unless I can write about it, and that defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

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Marisa said...

Jen, I feel like these days, I spend more time in the state of not having anything to read than I do feeling like I have a queue of great books at my disposal. And, my apartment is absolutely filled with unread books, so it's not for lack of material.

Sometimes I wonder if there just aren't as many good books out there, or if my expectations have gotten unreasonably high.

Carol C said...

I go through slumps too. I enjoyed When Will There be Good News by K. Atkinson. I recently read Love Walked in by M. De Los Santos. It might be more appealing to a younger person like you, but it is set in Philadelphia. I believe that there is a sequel.

sexy said...
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B.J. @ GeekFitness.net said...

I felt that way last night. I've just finished my Master's comps and had the summer to myself to read what I want, and I am in the mood for nothing on my shelf or anything that I've seen elsewhere. I generally don't get this way; there are always books I want to read, but lately, I've been antsy and indecisive. I spent two hours last night just searching my personal shelves going through books I've not read, and nothing at all seemed worth reading.