Friday, February 13, 2009

Testing Book 20 of 52

As I read Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day, book 20 of 52, I stickied pages about taking care of wavy hair and how to blow dry a bob. As much as I LOVED the haircut, I had trouble re-creating the look at home, so I went to Target and bought:

1. A hair dryer with focus nozzle
2. Flat paddle brush
3. De-frizz serum

I also dug out volumenizing foam, which I used once and thought wasn't a good idea on a head of thick, wavy hair. I tried the book's tips on how to let wavy hair dry so it doesn't look like a puff ball. It worked...sorta, but I also walked into a wind storm. Then today I tried the how-to-blowdry-a-bob technique, which was completely foreign to me, but I figured it was better than anything I'd tried before.

Et viola:

That's without a flat iron -- outrageous! I thought I always needed a flat iron to get straight hair like this. This is great! I'm going to give it a shot with the iron later today to see if I can get it closer to how I came out of the salon:

I can't even express how excited I am to have some sort of control over my hair -- especially short hair. I could usually wrestle long hair into something nice, but short hair has been trickier. Not anymore!

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jen said...

Not that you asked for my opinion, but I think your hair look great! and I think that short looks better for you! of course, you are beautiful either way!!

good luck keeping the do salon pretty! (Why is it so hard to recreate?)

Jen A. Miller said...

Thanks! It's hard to re-create because I have a very wavy, unruly hair -- and a lot of it! To get it all to work together is always a challenge...