Thursday, February 14, 2008

Free Reading!

Galleycat pointed out a few free reading downloads today.

One is "The Lovers of Vertigo" by Timothy Schaffert, which you can download for free here. It's even formatted so you can print it and make it into a little booklet. I've got mine printed and ready to go so I have something to read on my train ride into Philly tonight. No sense carrying a big purse to fit a big book when I can slip this little story in a slim bag that matches my planned outfit for the evening. Here's what the booklet looks like:

It does come in color, but I'm out of color toner, so black and white will have to do.

The Harlequin estore is also giving away free downloads of Sherryl Woods's The Valentine Wedding Dress. I downloaded it, but couldn't print it. Boo.

For more info about these deals and everything wonderful (and not so wonderful) in the book world, check out Galleycat here.

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