Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Review: Ellington Boulevard

My review of Ellington Boulevard: A Novel in A-Flat, book 18 of 51, ran in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times. You can read that review here, and my blog post review here.

A sample from the newspaper review: "New York City is a town of revised dreams - at least that's how it's portrayed in Adam Langer's Ellington Boulevard: A Novel in A-Flat. It's where idealists come with dreams of fame and fortune and either become the hunched shoulders on which the Big Apple stands, or move on to other, revised lives, for better or for worse."

Bonus feature: you can hear the songs from the musical built around Ellington Boulevard here. Fun!

Also...I wrote a commentary for today's Philadelphia Inquirer, and even though it's not book related, I'll link to it here since I'm getting so many emails about it. It's about the frustration of buying health insurance when you're self employed.

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